Rules of Use for the website 


The owner of the website registered under the domain ("Website”) is Dom Development S.A. with the registered office in Warsaw, pl. Piłsudskiego 3, entered in the Entrepreneurs Register maintained by the District Court for Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under no. KRS 0000031483 ("Dom Development”).

The Website is an organized IT platform focused on the provisioning of information, connected to the Internet, created by Dom Development, allowing its Users to take advantage of the IT system and content prepared by Dom Development.

Any person, who in any manner uses the Website ("User”) confirms to have acknowledged these Rules of Use for the Website ("Rules”).

These Rules determine the principles for using the Website.

Dom Development provides services electronically via the Website ("Services”), which comprise in the following in particular:
• provisioning of content customized to individual requests of the Users by displaying pages with a definite URL (IT services);
• allowing the Users to receive content from the Website, to the extent of the IT system, customized to individual requests of the Users (newsletter). 

The Website is free of charge and is dedicated to all persons interested in the activities of Dom Development.

User’s Rights and Obligations

Every User is entitled to use the Website in conformance with the binding laws, with respect for the intellectual property rights.

No use of the Website is allowed, if contradicting the rules of social conduct and good practice.

No illegal content is allowed from the Users.

The Users bear full liability for any damages resulting from their conduct against the above restrictionsof use.

Liability of Dom Development 

Data published at the Website originates in reliable and publicly accessible sources, and may be deemed accurate based on the best knowledge currently at the disposal of Dom Development.

Dom Development takes all efforts to make data presented at the Website complete, up to date and conformant with the actual situation, however Dom Development is not able to fully warrant for it. Therefore, Dom Development does not bear any liability for any effects of using presented data, in particular for any damages occurred as a result of its use when making investment decisions.

The only official source of stock exchange information is the Official Quotation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Data published at the Website is there for convenience only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code or regulations on stock exchange transactions.

Dom Development reserves that use of the Website is possible only and exclusively at the User’s own risk and expense.

Dom Development does not bear any liability, in particular third party, penal or administrative liability, for any use by the User of the Website, if contradicting the provisions of these Rules.

Dom Development does not identify with all the opinions expressed in publications at the Website, in particular those coming from Polish and foreign publishers other than Dom Development.

Dom Development does not issue any warranty that use of the Website will be flawless, free of defects, uninterrupted, nor any warranty for the adequacy of its content, accuracy or usability of published information, unless such warranty is explicitly stated by Dom Development elsewhere.

Dom Development does not bear any liability for any damages, in particular any potential or consequential damages incurred by the Users due to interruptions in access to the Website, especially if caused by: force majeure, faulty operation or breakdown, inclusive of failed connection from Internet suppliers, breakdowns of equipment or software of the Users, or non-observance of these Rules by the Users.

Dom Development reserves the right to unilaterally decide on the content of the Website, its changes and alterations, which may be done without any notice on the scope or implementation sent to the Users.

Intellectual Property Rights

Dom Development provides via the Website materials that are protected under copyrights, inclusive of: documents, trademarks and other works, in particular texts, pictures, graphics, sounds and audiovisual materials. The selection and layout of content at the Website constitutes a proprietary object of copyright protection.

When provisioning content via the Website that is a proprietary object of copyright protection, Dom Development informs the Users about the obligation to respect the intellectual property rights.

The Users are entitled to use provided content exclusively for their private personal purpose. Each use of information published at the Website for any commercial purpose requires a prior written consent from a relevant Dom Development representative.

Any use by the Users of works covered with copyright protection, inclusive of their multiplication, forwarding, public dissemination and any other methods of use, is permitted only at the prior consent of relevant authorized entities.

All rights are reserved. The rights to use, copying and dissemination of any information available at the Website are subject in particular to the provisions of the Act on the Copyright and Related Rights dated 4 February 1994 (Polish Journal of Laws 2006, no. 90, item 631, as later amended).

Dom Development possesses relevant permits for use of information presented at the Website.


Dom Development fully respects the right to privacy and protection of personal data of the Users. To use the Website the User is not forced to present any information that could serve to identify the User.

Dom Development collects data on the Users only for its own purposes. Any dissemination of information to third persons is done on the proviso that it is required by the legal regulations or, if required for provisioning of a given Service, a prior consent of the Users has been obtained.

Data Protection

Dom Development warrants to apply due diligence in protection of all data provided by the Users.

Dom Development reserves that to use certain Services the Users may be obliged to provide certain personal data, which Dom Development will collect and use in conformance with the binding laws.

Personal data of the Users is administered by Dom Development, unless it is stated otherwise in the detailed regulations/application pertaining to a given Service, available to the Users directly.

Every User has the right to review its personal data, correct it or request discontinuation of its processing, unless data concerned in such request are indispensable for provisioning of a given service. In the latter case, such request will have a force equivalent to a notice of termination for the service.

When using the Services, the User expresses its consent for processing by Dom Development of the User’s personal data for marketing purposes, in databases maintained by Dom Development. In accordance with the Act on Protection of Personal Data (uniform text in Polish Journal of Laws 2002, no. 101, item 926, as later amended), the User has the right to review its data, correct it and request discontinuation of its processing.

By using the Website, the User consents to receive commercial information sent by Dom Development to the User’s declared e-mail address, in conformance with the Act on Electronic Services (Polish Journal of Laws 2002, no. 144, item 1204).

Final Provisions

These Rules come into force on 1 January 2007.

Any matters not provided for herein shall be subject to the provisions of the laws of Poland.

Dom Development has the right to amend these Rules at any time effective on the day, when such amendment is published at the Website.

Amendments to these Rules shall be made available on-line at

Use of the Website after enforcement of the amended Rules has a force equivalent to the User’s consent expressed for such amendments.