IR Policy


The IR Policy of Dom Development SA ("the Company") ensures that shareholders and investors have common and equal access to precise, correct information about the Company, meeting the expectations of participants in the capital market. Providing information to the market should be regular and timely, and the disclosed information should be up to date and comprehensive. Investor relations activities (including reporting obligations) should support the good name of the Company among those involved in the capital market in accordance with our adopted communication strategy.


The main goals of our IR activities are to build trust by conducting an ongoing and reliable dialogue with the market and to achieve a full and proper valuation of the Company. The active information policy within our investor relations activities should constitute an additional factor generating value for the Company.


The Management Board of the Company plays an active role in communication with participants of the capital market. The Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer take part in quarterly financial results conferences, "one-on-one" meetings with investors and analysts and investor’s conferences organized by reputable financial institutions. The IR Manager is responsible for ongoing telephone contact with shareholders and investors, responding to routine inquires and managing the information flow between the company and the capital market, including the information that is put onto the website in the investor relations section.


The company ensures equal access to information for all investors and shareholders of the Company. The Company’s communication within its IR activities is addressed to both domestic and foreign, and institutional and individual investors, and particularly to pension and investment funds as well as insurance companies, all of whose investment strategy involves long-term growth of capital.


The company provides investors and shareholders of the Company with precise information which enables them to make investment decisions. The information disclosed within the IR activities involves obligatory information required by the law (current and financial reports and inside information), as well as information regarding company strategy, business activities, the Company’s financial condition and evaluation of the market environment. The company does not provide forecasts of the financial results but does include on the website forecasts and recommendations from the analysts who cover the Company and a consensus forecast which aggregates the Company’s earnings estimates from securities analysts published by the Polish Press Agency approximately two weeks before the quarterly financial results announcement.


The company conducts investor relations activities on its own, and is also supported by an external PR company when organizing the quarterly investor conferences. The IR activities use a wide range of communication tools:

  • current and financial reports within the reporting obligations imposed on the Company due to its public status
  • "one-on-one" meetings with representatives of capital market institutions
  • quarterly conferences for the financial press and institutional investors regarding the released financial results
  • ongoing telephone contact with those involved in the capital market and response to routine inquires
  • the website, maintained in two languages, Polish and English, which provides information regarding corporate governance, the most important corporate news, financial results, analysts recommendations and forecasts, trading data for the Company shares, current reports and presentations
  • participation in investor conferences organized by the biggest and most reputable financial institutions
  • press releases regarding the most important corporate news items
  • webcasting of Shareholders Meetings conducted in both Polish and English, which enables small shareholders, foreign investors or other recipients to follow Shareholders Meetings
  • newsletters by email.


To enhance transparency and ensure equal disclosure of information, the company has introduced "silent periods" for communication with participants of the capital market prior to quarterly financial results publication. Therefore, the company does not hold and does not take part in any meetings with investors or analysts for the two weeks before publication of its quarterly financial results.


Our company does not comment on rumours. If rumours have a strong impact on the company’s share price, the company shall discuss possible actions with the Warsaw Stock Exchange.