Since 2007, Dom Development Spółka Akcyjna has been an active issuer on the corporate bond market. Proposals to purchase DOM bonds have always been directed exclusively at institutional investors.

Outstanding bonds are presented for trading and listed in the alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The principal terms and conditions of bond issues with future maturity are shown in the table below:

Series ISIN code Value of issue Share issue date Date of maturity Rate of interest
DOMDET3121224 PLDMDVL00095 PLN 50M  12/12/2019 12/12/2024 WIBOR 6M + 1,50%
DOMDET4250925 PLDMDVL00103  PLN 100M  25/09/2020 25/09/2025 WIBOR 6M + 1,75%
DOMDET5120526 PLDMDVL00145  PLN 110M  12/05/2021 12/05/2026 WIBOR 6M + 1,30%
DOMDEM1280928  PLO106800017 PLN 260M  28/09/2023 28/09/2028 WIBOR 6M + 1,55%