Company overview

Over 40,000 finished flats.

Dom Development S.A. is a leading residential developer in Poland, specialising in upper-tier, multi-phase projects. Our progress and success are driven by the reliability and experience - both domestic and international - of our managers and supervisors.

 Dom Development S.A. has been active on the market since 1996, and became a listed company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in October 2006,. The company’s shares can be found on following stock market indices: mWIG40, WIG Real Estate, WIGdiv, WIG-Poland, WIG.

 Dom Development S.A. operates in Warsaw, where it is the undisputed leader on the primary housing market. Since 2008, the Group has been active in Wrocław, where the Group's local projects are managed by Dom Development Wrocław Sp. z o.o.

 With the acquisition of Euro Styl S.A. Capital Group in 2017, Dom Development Group entered the Tricity market. The inclusion of Euro Styl S.A. in the Dom Development S.A. Capital Group brought considerable growth in the scale of its activities, and Euro Styl S.A. is now a leading player on the Tricity market.

 As part of the Euro Styl S.A acquisition in 2017, Dom Development Group also acquired Euro Styl Construction Sp. z o.o., general contractor of the Group’s development projects in Tricity. Dom Construction Sp. z o.o., the general contractor for the Group’s development projects in Warsaw and Wrocław, was established in 2018. It is thanks to its in-house general contractors that Dom Development Group is able to deliver superior quality and profitable investments in a timely manner.

 Since 2010, the Group has actively supported buyers in obtaining mortgages. Dom Development Kredyty Sp. z o.o. is a mortgage broker exclusively serving the Group’s customers. Due to the large scale of its operations, the Group is able to secure competitive financing terms and help customers with all the necessary formalities.

 Dom Development S.A. is a founding member of the Polish Association of Business Developers (PZFD) as well as co-author of the PZFD Code of Good Practice. In order to maintain high standards in customer service and quality of product,  the company’s varied offer is always tailored to the needs of clients, who also have the possibility to choose from one of our interior-finish programmes.